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October 2010

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What is art?

So for some time now I've been ignoring the constant down talk of DA. It's hard to actually defend DeviantArt because actually all the rumors are true. A site that was once filled with respectable artist is now filled with people who've suddenly lost their minds to grab some illusion of fame; a way to be remembered. Really, DeviantArt was actually just a place once were you uploaded your art for others to see. It worked much like Twitter or any other site that's soon about to hit the gutters from over exposure.

Sometimes I can't even look on the front page with out sighing and then fighting the urge in wanting to rant. That would be the wrong thing to do and what's important guys is to accept everyone's views. We don't know what the right definition of art is, so why judge? I just wish their were a bit more variety? I mean seriously all I ever see are comics made by the ignorance of poor individuals who've not waken up yet, pussy, and doodles.

Everyone has their own personal taste but seriously now were is the stuff with personality? Composition? Talent? Sorry scratch that last part I keep forgetting to be open minded about this. If not tutorials it's chicks with tits. What's people's obsession over tits?!

Damn, I just watched Alien. Felt a bit relieved SOMEBODY actually approaches things differently in this "place." The scenery, characters, acting, and costumes were fantastic. Now that's a piece of work. Sure there wasn't much of a story but it kept you entertained. Now the only thing that can entertain you like a goggling little baby are boobs! I mean how long can those things be attractive?! Damn, I mean their only just a pair of sagging glands with pink pimples on your chest. You can maintain the same amount of entertainment by watching dangling basket balls!

Damn it. I feel horrible for the kids being born in this time period. Where's there inspiration? They'll be denying the fact that Alien is good until they get over themselves when they're in their later teens. From that point your masturbating over Transformers. Transformers was an ok movie by the way but at least I had Edward Scissor Hands when growing up. Sure we had the whole "emo" phase that ruined some good music and denied the ability to feel something remotely beautiful or think...but it was something.

It's hard to really grab onto anything anymore. The only thing that I have are things that have been made 10 years or more ago. Matrix was good but it's all in the past...

Comic books are also starting to roll into this sort of generic poo that people eat alongside their chocolate milk and oily french fries that aren't really potatoes anymore. Just shells of something that was once good for you.

I could keep going with this but I know that this rant is getting a little to long for my taste. Thanks, have a good day!